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Pretty soon I’ll be getting on my first plane
I’ll see the veins of my city like they do in space
Lorde, “Tennis Court”
Get down,” he whispered.

“I’m way ahead of you,” Jamie said from the floor
Sarah Rees Brennan, The Demon’s Lexicon (via the-secrets-behind-the-covers)

Fuck You Ruined My Picture: A Fun Collaborative Drawing Game


Supplies Needed:

  • 1 drawing or writing utensil
  • 1  thing to draw on (must be mobile enough to rotate and have 2+ angles)
  • 2+ players (You can have as many as the thing you’re drawing on has angles)


  1. Each player picks an angle of the canvas
  2. One player (doesn’t matter who) scribbles a vague random shape on the playing field
  3. Each player looks at the scribble and thinks to themselves what the scribble kinda looks like from their angle.
  4. Players take turns adding one thing to the drawing that will make it look more like what they think it looks like. Players must only look at the drawing from their own angle. (“One thing” is open to interprettation.)
  5. The game ends when no players can think of anything more they could add to make the drawing look any more like what they want it to look like.
  6. Each player, one at a time, presents their angle of the drawing to the rest of the players and explains what it is, and what each little detail of the drawing is. 
  7. The “winner” if you want to have one is whoever’s angle looks the most like what they say it looks like, with the least things unexplained. Sometimes this is also just the funniest angle because of what the other player’s additions have turned the drawing into.

The fun of the game is watching the other players draw things onto your drawing and having to think about how to incorporate it. Sometimes one person might draw a circle as a nose on their angle, and then the next person draws another so it’s a pair of eyes for their angle, but then the next person draws a third to make it the buttons of a jacket. Now the first person’s angle has three noses! 

An infamous game among my circle of friends was when I had drawn a jellyfish catching its prey, but turned upside down it became a ladybug stabbing itself in the face. 

This game originated when two of my friends had only one pencil and they both wanted to draw. They decided to take turns using it to draw on the same paper, and it quickly became a game we’ve been playing and spreading for years. 


i coloured the thing?hal and royston reading together, for agmen-agens


i coloured the thing?

hal and royston reading together, for agmen-agens


Make some noise for Converse’s music Tumblr.


Make some noise for Converse’s music Tumblr.



No way.


My uncle makes pancakes like this all the time, without a fancy bottle. He mostly makes snails, though.

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"But this wasn't your fault! This was a miscarriage of justice! Justice has totally missed the carriage!"

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